Sunday, November 10, 2013

Lavender Bridal Bouquet

Lavender flowers are popular again at weddings particularly in wedding bouquets. Lavender flowers smell wonderful and they symbolize purity and fidelity.

You may choose a Lavender bouquet solely of fresh Lavender stems or simply have your florist incorporate Lavender flowers into your wedding bouquet. Look online and you can see dozens of choices for Lavender bouquets. 

Head wreaths of Lavender may be created for flower girls and then combine fresh Lavender buds with rose petals for them to sprinkle down the aisle.  Bunches of Lavender flowers can be placed on the sides of church pews. After the ceremony they can serve double duty as table centerpieces.

Excerpt from book "Lavender - the Universal Herb".  Read more online at Amazon:

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